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Urban Terror Clan - Evil

This a board for our UrT-Clan Evil.

    Overview B3 commands


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    Overview B3 commands Empty Overview B3 commands

    Beitrag  Revenge Mo März 26, 2012 2:42 am


    - !register to register in b3
    - !Time to see how much time is


    - !Xlrstats to see your killing and dead stats
    - !teams to balace teams
    - !paversion to look version of b3
    - !spree to see your spree
    - !hs to see hs which you made
    - !regtest to see when you are registered
    - !knreconr to see knife record
    - !knchallenge to make someone at challange

    Moderator (20)

    - !warn (!w) for spec,camp,fake,vote...
    - !alias to see nicks which player use
    - !Force red/blue/spec to force someone in some team
    - !list for list of players
    - !ci for kick player which have ping 999
    - !poke
    - !say or !!
    - !warnremove or !wr
    - !warninfo to see active warns of player
    - !xlrtopstats to see top stats
    - !Veto to stop vote
    - !greeting message which will be when you connecting
    - !private message or !pm you use it when you are in spec and you want to speak which only one player
    - !nextmap to see next map
    - !admins to see admins online


    - !Kick or !k for afk,spec,vote...
    - !scream message which will be writed in many colours
    - !bigtext to write bigtext for all players at server
    - !slap max 25 times or !bitchslap-> slap to dead
    - !cyclemap to change map
    - !ban
    - !spank smae like kick
    - !shuffleteams

    Full admin (60)

    - !tempban
    - !moon on/off flying mode
    - !nuke to make some player explode
    - !map to change map !map ut4_casa
    - !setnextmap for set next map
    - !vote on/off voting
    - !mute
    - swapteams if you want to blue be red and red be blue

    Senior admin (80)

    - !permban ban for all time
    - !makereg to make someone reg
    - !lookup to see detailse about player

    Super admin (100)

    - !putgroup guest/reg/mod/admin/fulladmin/senioradmin/superadmin to make admin
    - !kick all
    - !ban all
    - !enable to enable plugin
    - !restart to restart b3
    - !die to kill b3
    - !bomb for bomb mode
    - !ts for teamsurvivor
    - !tdm for tdm mode
    - !ctf for captur the flag mode
    - !cah for capture and hold mod
    - !ftl for follow the leader mod
    - !gear to set allow gear
    - !timerespawn red/blue time for respawn
    - !makegroup

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